2016 FAO Year of Pulses

2016 is designated by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization at the International Year of Pulses.  The key messages of FAO are:

  • Pulses are highly nutritious.
  • Pulses are economically accessible and contribute to food security at all levels.
  • Pulses have important health benefits.
  • Pulses foster sustainable agriculture and contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Pulses promote biodiversity.


There are many events organized to promote Pulses as a sustainable food source ... here are a few highlights:

  • Forum AGROPORT-2016 isan international platform for interdisciplinary exchange of experience in dealing with global problems related to sustainable food production.  Forum would focus the public attention on the contribution of pulses to ensure food security at all levels
  • Exposición 2016 Año Internacional de las Legumbres
  • World Pulses Convention
  • La faim des haricots: regards croisés sur la place du végétal dans l’alimentation The International Year of Pulses is, for the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, the opportunity to share perpectives on plant-based food.
  • Ospria Festum 2k16" - Carnival of Pulses
  • Australian Pulse Conference 2016
  • Foire aux haricots 2016
  • Second conference of the International Legumes Society
  • Mange ta soupe!
  • International Agrarian Forum AGROPORT-2016 - East
  • 2016 International Symposium History of Food and National Food Culture: Pulses in Russian Food Culture
  • Pulses for Nutritional Security and Agricultural Sustainability

For more information go to UN Food and Agriculture Organization at http://www.fao.org/pulses-2016/about/key-messages/en/