Created With Love

The idea for Riince was ‘cooked up’ in the kitchen with the help of my teenage daughter and a little entrepreneurial spirit.  My daughter loves cooking and she follows tons of YouTube channels and food bloggers and is always trying new ideas and recipes.  I’m her sous-chef in the kitchen, and when she became vegan, she started experimenting with grains and seeds.

One day she texted me and asked me to prepare some quinoa for when she got home from school because she had a couple of new recipes to try out. As I was pouring the quinoa out of the bag into a measuring cup, I asked myself how she washes it before she cooks it.  When I checked online, I read about saponins and how this natural detergent coats the seed.  I thought it was pretty cool that it’s harvested for use in natural soaps, but I also realized it was a contaminant that needs to be rinsed off prior to cooking.

Preparing quinoa needed more attention and care than rice, which was our previous go-to.  I realized there was no single utensil to do the job of measuring, cleaning and then making sure none of the washed seeds were lost down the drain.

Riince was our solution to combine these steps and make prep fast and easy. Our goal was to develop a simple and versatile tool to help remove dirt and contaminants from quinoa and other superseeds and superfoods like lentils and grains.