Why Clean Grains, Seeds and Pulses?

We are often asked if it is necessary to clean Grains, Seeds and Pulses.

These foods, like most agricultural products are grown in soil, are exposed to environmental contaminants and sometimes pesticides.  Unlike most fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains can contain their own naturally occurring chemicals designed to protect them from insects and birds. 

For example, Quinoa has a bitter tasting outer coating called saponin. It is a naturally occurring chemical that coats the quinoa seed to protect it from insects and birds.  Saponins are harvested to make organic shampoos and liquid soaps, and although this is a very cool fact, its not cool to digest.  

Other contaminants include dirt, pesticides and sometimes arsenic.

Riinçe ensures that grains, seeds and lentils such as rice, quinoa, chia, buckwheat, barley, mung .... are more are thoroughly cleaned. The holes are small and square to prevent tiny grains from falling through and the mesh cup is specifically designed remove excess water while keeping grains contained, and the wiper blade makes dispensing the grains simple, clean and easy.